Past Speakers

Kaya Bilguvar, MD
Yale University
Assistant Professor, Genetics; Associate Director, Yale Center for Genome Analysis
June 12, 2017 – Hess Seminar Room B

Itai Yanai, PhD
New York University
Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology and Pathology
May 22, 2017 – Hess Seminar Room B

Abhijit Patel, MD/PhD
Yale University School of Medicine
Associate Professor, Therapeutic Radiology
“Tumor DNA in Blood as a Cancer Biomarker: Clinical Promise and Technical Challenges”
May 1, 2017 – Hess Seminar Room B

Andrea Sboner, PhD
Weill Cornell Medical College
Assistant Professor of Computational Genomics in Computational Biomedicine
“Implementation of Precision Medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine”
April 10, 2017 – Hess Seminar Room B

Eric C. Greene, PhD
Columbia University
Professor, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics
“Single molecule studies of homologous DNA recombination”
March 20, 2017 – Hess Seminar Room B

Nicholas P. Tatonetti, PhD
Columbia University
Professor of Biomedical Informatics
“Estimating Disease Heritability from 9 Million Patient Medical Records”
February 27, 2017 – Hess Seminar Room B

Anatoli Brouchkov, PhD
Moscow State University
Professor of Geology, Head of Geocryology Department
“Bacterial cells of extreme longevity: myth or reality?”
January 30, 2017 – Hess Seminar Room B

Steven Kleinstein, PhD
Yale University
Associate Professor, Pathology
January 9, 2017 – Hess Seminar Room B

Jonas Almeida, PhD
Stony Brook University
Professor and Chief Technology Officer, Biomedical Informatics
“Bioinformatics in the Web Computer – the code will travel”
December 19, 2016 – Hess Seminar Room B

Thomas Gingeras, PhD
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Professor, Computational Genomics
“Lessons from Complex Genomes”
November 28, 2016 – Hess Seminar Room B

Iman Hajirasouliha, PhD
Weil Cornell Medical College, Cornell University
Assistant Professor, Computational Genomics
“Computational Methods for Characterizing Large-Scale Human Genome Variations with Applications to Cancer”
November 7, 2016 – Hess Seminar Room B

Pablo Meyer Rojas, PhD
DREAM Director, IBM Computational Biology Center
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Icahn School of Medicine
“Predicting the Dynamics of Metabolic and Gene Regulatory Networks”
October 17, 2016 – Hess Seminar Room B

Liam Holt, PhD
Assistant Professor, New York University
“Using Ancestral Resurrection to Understand Kinase Regulation and Decode Cancer Mutations”
September 26, 2016 – Hess Seminar Room B

Ekta Khurana, PhD
Assistant Professor, Weill Cornell Medical College
“Novel insights from integrating cancer whole-genomes, epigenomes, and transcriptomes with tissue-specific regulatory networks”
May 23, 2016 – Hess Seminar Room B

Sagi Shapira, PhD
Assistant Professor, Columbia University
“A Systems Approach to Innate Immunity”
April 18, 2016 – Hess Seminar Room B

Gholson Lyon, PhD, MD
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
“New human neurologic and intellectual disability syndromes involving transcription, translation, and protein degradation”
April 4, 2016 – Hess Seminar Room B

Jason Mezey, PhD
Associate Professor, Cornell University
“From universal to one-off eQTL: a full assessment of the human eQTLscape by standardized re-analysis of over 50 genome-wide datasets”
March 14, 2016 – Hess Seminar Room B

Bud Mishra, PhD
Professor, NYU
“Cancer Genomics via SubOptical Mapping: Fast, Cheap and Disruptive”
January 11, 2016 – Hess Seminar Room B

Thomas Kirchhoff, PhD
Assistant Professor, NYU
“Germline genetics of melanoma: from risk to outcome and therapy response”
December 14, 2015 – Davis Auditorium

Joe Pickrell, PhD, MPH
Junior Group Leader & Core Member, New York Genome Center
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Columbia
“Using large-scale genomic data to understand human phenotypic variation”
November 9, 2015 – Davis Auditorium

Matt Maurano, PhD
Assistant Professor, NYU
“Regulatory Variation: From disease associations to comprehensive
maps of non-coding functional variants”
October 19, 2015 – Davis Auditorium

Nilay Yapici, PhD
Research Associate, Rockefeller University
“Genes and circuits regulating food intake decisions in Drospophila”
September 21, 2015 – Davis Auditorium

Andrew Dewan, MPH, PhD
Associate Professor, Yale University
“The search for gene-gene interactions involved in asthma”
June 1, 2015 – Hess Seminar Room A

Murat Acar, PhD
Assistant Professor, Yale University
“Network-dosage compensation and gene network evolution in
the context of a canonical gene network”
May 4, 2015 – Hess Seminar Room B

Mariano Alvarez, PhD
Department of Systems Biology, Columbia University
“Using the cell regulatory logic for cancer precision medicine”
April 13, 2015 – Annenberg 12-01

William Lee
Assistant Member, MSKCC
“Deciphering non-coding variation in cancer”
March 30, 2015 – Hess Seminar Room A

Chris Sander, PhD
“Cancer Systems Biology: Discover, Design, Deliver”
March 15, 2015 – Hess Seminar Room A